Pocket Phojo updated to support Eye-Fi Pro


Pocket Phojo for Windows Mobile by Idruna has been updated to support Eye-Fi Pro cards,  providing a cost effective wireless solution for acquiring high quality photos, associating data with each photo, then securely transmitting the photos directly to where they are needed via 3G.

Many industries need data associated with each image otherwise they can’t be processed automatically. For example, a news photographer needs to associate captions and keywords before sending a photo to the news desk via email or FTP, a photo from a car auction would need to be associated with the vehicle’s VIN for it to be useful, a photo of some storm damage would need to be associated with a customer’s insurance policy and so on. Pocket Phojo also has barcode scanner support for associating data with photos, and support for transmitting photos via Secure FTP for customers needing encryption.

Photographers can inserts the Eye-Fi card into their camera, and images are automatically transmitted via WiFi to the Windows Mobile phone. The photographer can choose between transmitting every image they shoot, or just the ones they select using the protect button on their camera. Actions can be configured so that once on the phone, the photos automatically have industry standard IPTC captions and keywords added, are renamed according to the event being photographed, then transmitted via email, FTP, or Secure FTP over the phone’s 3G connection. The photographer can also individually edit each image if needed, with support for cropping, resizing, levels, and sharpening.

For fast breaking events where real time coverage is desired, Pocket Phojo can receive images from the Eye-Fi Pro card via WiFi while connected to an Idruna Remote Editing System (IRES) server via 3G. Cell phone networks simply can’t keep up with the gigabytes of data a photographer generates, so IRES makes intelligent use of the available bandwidth by displaying thumbnails in the editor’s web browser in real time. The editor can then zoom in on the photos they are interested in, and select the best photos to download at full resolution. This allows the photographer to concentrate on taking photos, while allowing the editor to publish photos on the web within moments of them being taken.

Pocket Phojo also supports running in the background as part of a custom application. Other useful features include automating tasks via the use of Watch Folders, and barcode scanner support.

Pocket Phojo runs on most Windows Mobile Phones and Pocket PCs such as the HTC Touch Pro/Touch Pro II which is widely available from most carriers.

See the software in action below.

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