Pocket God Now For $1.99 Under Xbox LIVE Deal Of The Week


6, 2011

Author Pradeep // in Apps

Pocket God is now available in the marketplace for just $1.99 under Xbox LIVE Deal of the week. The game usually costs $2.99, so you can save 1$ ! !

From our review earlier,

I honestly don’t see this game being entertaining. There is a select audience that does find it enjoyable though, since its popularity must come from somewhere, but I find the game way too simplistic and uninteresting to play often. There are some cool mini games built into Pocket God that helps the replayability, like a simple fall down style game, or trying to kill a T-Rex. However, it probably won’t keep you interested that long.

You can read our whole review here or watch it above.

Download the game here.

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