Plex Releases All New Media Player For Desktop PCs

plex media player

Plex today announced their new Plex Media Player for desktop PCs. It was built from the ground up to deliver the absolute highest quality media browsing and playback experience.


  • Best media playback engine in the world. Needs to play every format under the sun. Needs to render hellishly complex anime subtitles without batting a tentacle, and support all the high-end features true Home Theater devotees want: refresh rate switching, display sync, rich subtitle support, popcorn maker integration, etc.
  • Most beautiful, efficient media library browsing experience in the world, scaled to any resolution.
  • Truly cross-platform, with hardware acceleration, even on a Raspberry Pi 2.

So what does Plex Media Player support which Plex Home Theater does not?

  • The best-in-class mpv engine is used for playback
  • Improved video codec support (e.g. H.265)
  • A true 4K interface
  • Bit-perfect LPCM decoding of DTS-HD MA (using libdcadec)
  • Shared code-base with many of our other apps (including PlayStation, Smart TVs, and Xbox One), allowing faster development
  • Streamlined interface that brings our premium desktop app in line with the rest of our big screen offerings
  • Snappier and more feature-rich UI, including better animations
  • Support for multi-channel music tracks
  • Allows for different audio delay depending on video framerate (23.976 Hz vs. the rest)
  • Native Raspberry Pi 2 port
  • Mouse support

The Plex Pass preview of the app is available today for download (sign into your Plex Pass-enabled account and choose the “Plex Pass Downloads” button). It’ll be free for everyone after the preview period.