Please say it isn’t so!



One of the Kin phone’s great features is the Studio providing automatic back up for all the data to the cloud. Microsoft has hinted the availability for a similar feature in WP7. However, there is a puzzling limitation (or is it just a bone headed implementation) that rears its ugly head. You cannot download pictures from your phone directly to the computer due to the fact that they have been pushed to the cloud. To gain access, one has to log in to Kin Studio and then download them from there back to the PC as illustrated by this quote from the Kin social answers website.

how can i tack photos off my phone and save it on my Pc

Log into Studio on your PC

Go into the Photo’s and Video section you can download your pictures to your PC by clicking on the image

then clicking "More"

then clicking "Download"

For power users this may be a no brainer but for the average user will find it a hassle.

All this can be easily solved by having a special folder in my pictures called (“device unique name”) in the Zune desktop client that syncs with the studio/WP7 successor (Windows live sync?) so that the data is available on both the cloud and the PC. This provides an added advantage for the user to  then just drop their pictures not taken by the phone into this folder and have them available on the studio. The end result is a seamless experience that “just works” Paul Thurrot is rightly worried

(Oddly, you cannot connect a KIN to your PC and download pictures that way. This is a mistake that Microsoft may be duplicating with Windows Phone, by the way.)

and so am I that the limitation will end up in WP7. It is little usability oversights like this that have the potential of limiting the new Os to just an “ok” platform instead of a really great one. We are still months out from the release and and problem for all I know has been or will be taken care of by then but if not, please Microsoft, get on it ASAP!