PlayStation has fixed the console bricking CMOS battery issue

September 23, 2021
PlayStation 4

The recent PlayStation 4 firmware update v9.0 has thankfully fixed the console’s CMOS battery issue, which could have bricked the device. 

Back in April, it was discovered that the PlayStation 4’s CMOS battery, which powers the console’s internal clock and importantly isn’t immune to failure, could lead to the complete death of the console once the PlayStation 4’s online services shut down.

In order to protect trophies, the PlayStation 4 requires the internal date and time to be synchronised to the PlayStation Network, however once that’s not around, problems start to arise. If the console can’t synchronise the date and time, then an error will occur when trying to access trophies, which completely stops you from playing any physical or digital games. 

At the moment the CMOS battery dying is no issue, all you have to do is get it replaced and connect to the internet once more so the console stops freaking out, but obviously, that wouldn’t be possible with no online services to connect to. 

As a result, this little battery could utterly brick your console once Sony turned off the PlayStation 4’s online services, but thankfully, the latest firmware update solves this issue, much to the delight of people who want to keep using their console long into the future. 

It’s not completely clear how much wizardry has gone on behind the scenes at Sony to fix this issue, but what we do know, thanks to a video by Modern Vintage Gamer, is that on unsynchronised consoles trophies will no longer have a date and time associated with them. 

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Whatever Sony has done, the firmware update v9.0 seems to have worked, so PlayStation 4 players can rejoice, as their console won’t be turned into an expensive doorstop down the line once Sony sunsets the storefront.

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