Sound off the weird alert: Sony’s at it again with a new patent that will identify console users by the way they hold their PlayStation controller.

Why PlayStation is doing this we do not know, but the zany patent was filed back in February before being approved just last week. They’ve had a lot of time to think about it.

Anyways, the Sony patent would use the information coming from the gyroscope and accelerometer inside a PlayStation controller to detect which user is holding their DualShock or DualSense and then automatically log them in.

The patent claims that it would pick up the minute differences in the orientation and vertical slope that each user holds their PlayStation controller at in around 60 seconds.

Sony wouldn’t just use the patent for signing a user into their PlayStation – a process that only requires a few button presses – but would also use the tech for cooperative multiplayer.

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During a game, the system would be able to detect which user is holding the controller – even when handed over mid-game – so scores and trophies can be attributed to the right person.