Players’ Xbox 360 achievements disappear from profiles

August 23, 2022

Different Xbox fans are reporting that they can no longer see their Xbox 360 achievements on their Xbox profiles, and it seems the issue is getting bigger and bigger over time as others claim their other achievements are starting to vanish, too.

The said problem is being encountered in various Xbox services and systems: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles,, Xbox mobile app, and Xbox desktop app. Interestingly (and thankfully), the achievements that can no longer be viewed in the said places are still visible on the Xbox 360 console or the TrueAchievements website.

Microsoft still has no announcements or comments about the issue, but it seems to originate from the outage within Microsoft. And while it is certainly temporary, everyone affected by the problem is still waiting for an exact date for the fix. Meanwhile, TrueAchievements assured fans.

“Numerous players have reported in our forums and elsewhere that their Xbox 360 achievements have gone missing and are no longer displaying when looking at their profiles on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, the Xbox app, and,” writes TrueAchievement’s Sean Carey on a blog post confirming the issue. “…While that does sound pretty alarming, there’s no need for panic — the missing achievements are still unlocked and attached to your profile, and your overall Gamerscore isn’t affected.”

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