Planning trip to India? Indian Scout is a must have.

Indian ScoutAngry face

Indian Scout is the only app you’ll ever need if you are having a trip to any Indian City. Even if you aren’t planning any trip to India, after going through the content of this app, you will!

Indian Scout have a fully enriched listing of items for each city:

  • Places Of Interest
  • Popular Getaways
  • History and info
  • Shopping Centres
  • Preferred Hotels
  • etc.

Indian ScoutThe Main Highlights of this app:

  • Beautiful Panoramic Backgrounds of each of the 40 cities
  • Pictorial Walkthrough of every place of interest
  • Cities Categorised by region
  • Highly Tested for errors
  • ONE time download only, NO DATA is used -Every bit of data is in the package so No worry about data charges, even while roaming..!!!

The Trial Version only have 3 cities with stripped down info.

Indian Scout is £0.99. You can download Indian Scout here.