Smartphone releases are no longer as exciting as it used to be, thanks to ‘seemingly’ planned leaks of the smartphone manufacturers. In 2019, the iPhone 11 and the upcoming Google Pixel 4 are sure to be one of the most heavily leaked smartphones and the launch of the iPhone 11 proved that those leaks were all true.

We’re only a day away from the Pixel event and leaksters are still busy giving us more details about the much-awaited smartphone. This time around, it’s the Pixel 4 retail box that got leaked( via Reddit), confirming previously-leaked specs. The retail box confirms the 5.7-inch screen, 64 GB of onboard storage are all highlighted in the retails packaging.

We now also know what’s inside the box. The Pixel 4 retail box will carry an 18W USB-C power adapter, charging cable, and a quick switch adapter, and that’s about it — no free earbuds, neither does it include a USB-C to 3.5mm converter. That’d be a disappointment if you’re hoping for Google to include them.

Google will be launching the Pixel smartphone tomorrow and pretty much everyone holds the view that previous Pixel leaks will be true, just like how all the iPhone 11 leaks proved to be true.

via AndroidCentral