Pivots or Panos ? ?

Windows Phone 7 Developers are slowly starting to show their works which they have been doing since the announcement of WP7 at MWC.As Microsoft has been keen on getting developers for their platform, they are not only providing them with Windows Phone Developer Tools but also providing them set of guidelines for developing apps for WP7.The important among the guidelines is the User Interface. Apart from regular page & icon based apps as found on Android and iOS,WP7 provides two new way of developing apps.

They are

· Panoramic Apps


· Pivot Based Apps


So which one should a developer choose for his app? Even I had this doubt when one of my friend asked me about this, when he started developing his WP7 app .Recently in Channel 9 I came across a wonderful video explaining the different scenarios when to use both of it. There are many things a WP7 developer should know when selecting among these two. So make the smart decision by watching this video at   Channel 9. Here is the comparison of both.


Thanks to Tim Heuer who also have made some neat suggestions in his Blog on the same topic.Which one suits your App??