Pirate’s Plunder 2, for Windows Phone



Pirate's Plunder 2

Continue the epic adventure set forth in Pirate’s Plunder! Defeat the pirate zombie lord, the Howl of the Wolf, once and for all! Take command of your pirate fleet in classic path drawing, ship parking gameplay – now with 3D graphics! Battle Peg-Hook the Pirate Lord in fast paced ragdoll physics boss battles. Explore maze-like jungles in 3D top-down, dual-stick shooter action. Set sail for Tortuga and gamble in three different pirate themed games. Battle the Royal Navy, ravenous sharks, and the Kraken Monster itself in their own minigames. With over 70 unique missions, Pirate’s Plunder 2 has more epicness than a bottle of grog!

  • Over 70 missions, utilizing all new 3D graphics – unleash the power of your phone!
  • Classic path drawing, ship parking gameplay!
  • Ragdoll physics boss battles!
  • 3D top-down dual-stick shooter action!
  • Pirate Shop – upgrade your weapons and ship!
  • Pirate gambling – Buccaneer Slot Machine, Dead Man’s Dice, Blackbeard’s Blackjack!
  • Randomly generated mazes – explore for big booty!
  • MORE!


Pay (.99):


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