Pirates Assault – A fun tower defense game!

Pirates Assault is a fun and addictive tower defense game with beautiful graphics and amazing soundtrack!

«When you once were a pirate, you and your crew stole lots of treasures from all around the world. Now you belong to a retired crew and you have to protect your treasure from other pirates. Get ready to defend yourself by using all land and water defense weapons at your disposal. Notice that your crew needs rum to build your defense, so you have to steal the rum from the rum ghost boat that passes by from time to time.»

Shake your device to trigger the powerful storm attack which will kill every single enemy on the screen at once. Save it until is the right time to use it!

Pirates Assault is a game with beautiful graphics, amazing soundtrack, some humor and lots of fun and addiction. There is also support for online score submission. Watch other players scores from around the world with daily, weekly and overall leaderboards. Improve your score with fast destruction combos and with level completion rate.

Try to get 3 stars per level (100% level completion) by saving every single piece of treasure until all the enemies are gone. And remember… don’t sink enemies carrying your treasure because you’ll not be able to get it back. Retrieve your treasure back first, and then sink all those scallywags!!

Version 1.1 now features Scoreloop integration, 5 levels, and level status completion saved online.

Premium version and fully functional free ad-supported version available.

See some screen shots after the break.