Pirate Tales – entertaining, addictive and free


10, 2012

Pirate TalesWhy the pirate games will always be in the limelight? Well, what’s not to love about being a pirate? Pirate Tales offers you an exciting pirate adventure in a very interesting and entertaining way. If you’ve ever wanted to engage in breath taking sea battles against ships of different navies, Pirate Tales will give you exactly this. Use the plundered treasures to buy more cannons and hire more men in order to face the biggest ships out there. In this game everything matters, the better you are, the more points you gain, which will allow you to compete with other players in a battle for the title: “The most notorious pirate of the Caribbean sea”.
Pirate Tales

Pirate Tales for Windows Phone has all you need from a free game to have some fun:

  • excellent graphics and sounds
  • nice storyline
  • good action battles
  • a strategy element after each battle
  • opportunity to compete with the other players
  • a trailer, which might give you a quick overview what to expect

imageYou can get it for free hereMarketplace link.

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