Pirate Descenders players awarded with unequipable Jolly Roger


12, 2020

Pirate Descenders players have been rewarded by developer Rage Squid for being horrible people that refuse to support the awesome development team. 

Revealed by Mike Rose at No More Robots, Descenders’ publisher, the biking simulator game has had to fire back at the overwhelmingly prominent pirate community.

While many imagine video game pirates to be a small percentage of a game’s playerbase, Rose revealed that the game has a huge amount of Pirate Descenders players. In fact, nearly two-thirds of the game’s community didn’t purchase the game.

As a sneaky treat, Pirate Descenders players will be displaying their illegal activities throughout the entire game. To reward the stealing scoundrels, players who haven’t purchased the game through legitimate means will have a Jolly Roger flag that cannot be removed.

Pirate Descenders flag
Naughty Pirate People are rewarded with a rather snazzy Jolly Roger. However, it can never be removed.

“Nearly 2/3rds of people who play Descenders pirated the game, and our multiplayer lobbies are filled with players called SKIDROW and CODEX,” Mike Rose revealed on Twitter. “So RageSquid added a pirate flag to the bike of anyone who pirated the game, which *they can never unequip*.”

Rage Squid revealed that the thinking behind the inclusion of the pirate flag is to do with concurrent player count. As a multiplayer-focused title, Descenders relies on a healthy player base to reach its full potential. As such, the developer would like to keep as many people playing as possible.

“A bigger player base means more multiplayer lobbies, and more people to play around with,” the developer said. “We try to see the positive sides to piracy!”

Descenders - Launch Trailer

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