Pirate Assault : Hands-down the best games trailer yet

Tower defence games come and go, but a trailer like above do not come along every day. I dare say the developers may have spent more on the video than the game itself 🙂

Pirates Assault is a tower defence game set in a Caribbean setting.  The developer’s description is below:

When you once were a pirate, you and your crew stole lots of treasures from all around the world. Now you belong to a retired crew and you have to protect your treasure from other pirates! Get ready to defend yourself by using all land and water defence weapons at your disposal! Use your device’s accelerometer to trigger the powerful storm attack.

Get Pirates Assault now, a tower defence game with beautiful graphics, amazing soundtrack, some humour and lots of fun! Submit your score online, and watch other players scores from around the world with daily, weekly and overall leader boards.

Master Pirates Assault by clearing each level with 3 stars and making as much combos as you can! This is the first big game release from Dagari Studios.

The game is available in both a $1.99 pay version and free ad-supported version.

Via MobilityDigest.com