Pip-Toy 3000 updated to v2.0


1, 2012

Author tomzorz // in Apps

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2 of 8Hi guys!

My name is Tamás Deme, and I’m the editor-in-chief of the hungarian Windows Phone 7 fansite, wp7.hu. Also, I made the app called Pip-Toy 3000, which hit version 2.0 yesterday.

The Pip-Toy 3000 is a mobile app version of the famous Pip-Boy 3000 from the Fallout game series. This little app incorporates functions and entertainment! 


  • Quests (to-do list, gaining XP for completed tasks)
  • levelling up!
  • S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
  • online ranking system
  • completed quests
  • landscape mode
  • themes
  • aster eggs!
  • Rad’o’meter (fake geiger counter)
  • fun
  • more fun

The app is already on the first page of the entertainment category, and this new update brought everything You’ve been asking for – and more!

Changes from version 1.5 to 2.0:

– International / national online ranking system (paid version only)
– Landscape mode
– Added 4 new color schemes aside the original green (the Pimp-Toy theme is only available in the paid version)
– Fixed a bunch of saving/loading/editing bugs
– You won’t get 1 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. point on every app start
– Completed quests are now saved and counted (the list can be deleted separately)
– New saving format which is much faster and won’t cause problems with special characters
– Pressing enter in textboxes now moves focus to the next field
– You can now set a nickname and country (the online data is tied to an anonymous ID generated from your live ID)
– Quests can have due dates
– New levelling algorithm that is more RPG like
– The XP you get after each quest is now based on the hardness of the quest
– Cool quest completion and level up animations
– 2 easter eggs (they are _really_ hard to find)
– a lot of UI modifications
– Resetting the app now works correctly
– Added a first-run screen (you can import quests from the old version there)


The app costs only $1.49 and has a trial version. You can get it from the marketplace by clicking here or scanning the QR code below!


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