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Picturex Download

Picturex is a free Windows Phone app, which allows you to exchange pictures easily with your friends, family and acquaintances. Android, iOS and a web version will be released soon!

If you don’t want to read the text, you can now download Picturex here for free! 😉
Picturex Download

What is Picturex?
Have you ever waited days or weeks for others’ pictures after a party, company event or city trip? Picturex is the solution! Picturex is the easiest way to exchange pictures with friends, family and aquaintances.

Create a new album with just a few clicks, invite others into the album and upload a ton of pictures. Every invited person can also up- or download pictures. So, you can keep your best pictures and memories and easily enjoy them at any time.

• Use Picturex to exchange pictures with your friends, family or acquaintances in full quality.
• Anyone invited to a private PicEx can contribute.
• Exchange pictures for city trips, bike tours, barbecue parties, concerts, exhibitions, memories, business events, and all the other occasions you take pictures.
• All the pictures you take during an event are automatically suggested to be uploaded! (optional)
• Or you can manually upload pictures at any time to your PicEx or the ones you joined.
• Save the pictures you want to keep.
• You can still use your favourite camera and filter app.
• Early-adopter bonus: benefit from very competitive features
• And a lot more!

The Update
In the past two months we have had a private and public beta of Picturex and tried to incorporate all the feedback you gave us. This is why the new version now offers a notification system that shows you when new you have new pictures, new participants in your PicEx, when it starts/ends/is upgraded, etc. You can now also send secure private messages to all the participants of your PicEx. You can also like pictures! 🙂 Picturex is integrated even better in all the windows phone’s features. You can upload pictures from the native picture album (via sharing) and open Picturex in the camera lenses app. This is not all, the update offers a lot more…

What will come?
The most important thing for the next weeks will be to release an iOS and Android client. Picturex will also be offered in Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and French. Additionally, we will constantly add new features, based on your feedback!

We always love feedback and suggestions to improve Picturex! Please contact us via info@picturex.ch. You may find more information on www.picturex.ch.

You can download Picturex here for free!

Picturex Download

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