Picture Lab 2.0 released–brings even more to the photo table


A new version of Picture lab has just hit Marketplace. Version 2 of the popular photo effects application ads many more features, including 11 new borders, 3 new vintage and HDR effects and more photo sharing features, including Facebook and Twitter’s own picture hosting service.

TiltShiftThe full change log is below:

  • Added 11 borders, which can be applied on top of an effect and work with any aspect ratio.
  • Added an integrated Facebook photo upload functionality.
  • Added the new HDR effect.
  • Added 3 new vintage effects: Koda, 1991 and Kolor.
  • Reduced the vignette of most vintage effects, since the photo was too dark most of the times.
  • Improved the Sepia effect.
  • Made the app even more delightful 😉 by improving the responsiveness, adding overlay animations and nicer controls.
  • Reordered the effects preview list.
  • Added Twitter’s own, new image service.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Many minor bug fixes and many little tweaks.

The app is $ 1.99 with a free trial, which has save and share disabled. Picture Lab 2.0 can be found in Marketplace here.