OnePlus CEO Pete Lau shares photos taken with OnePlus 8 Pro



Now that OnePlus is finally starting to raise the price of its smartphone so much so the price of its upcoming flagships is expected to be quite close to that of the flagships from Apple and Samsung, there is a lot riding on the success of the upcoming OnePlus phones, especially the OnePlus 8 Pro as it may finally enter into the $1000 price bracket — in no way will OnePlus be able to call it a “budget flagship”.

The company seems to be quite aware of what they are up against and has already started to showcase what the OnePlus 8 Pro is good at. According to CEO Pete Lau, the camera quality seems to be one of the good things about the OnePlus 8 Pro. To be more specific, the 8 Pro camera will be able to capture photos with great detail during the night time. The CEO recently posted a couple of images on Twitter, showcasing what the camera of its flagship smartphone is capable of.

Both the images captured with OnePlus 8 Pro gives you great clarity, as you can see above. CEO Lau also posted the same images but captured with a different flagship phone though he didn’t reveal which flagship the images were captured by. You can see them below.

Opinions are divided as to which set of photos is better than the other. Some users on Twitter criticized OnePlus for the fact that the camera of the Pro model lacks originality in the sense that it doesn’t capture the night time as it is, whereas some users praised the Shenzhen-based company for making the 8 Pro capable of capturing photos during the night time with incredible detail.

If our readers are to pick sides, which opinion are you subscribing to? Let us know in the comments below.

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