PhotoPatcher – retouch your photo on your Windows Phone



Ever taken a photo of something breathtaking, but found later that something snuck in your shot? Or maybe you’ve seen a stunning landscape but there’s some random house in the background. Well, now you can remove anything that shouldn’t be on your photo with PhotoPatcher. PhotoPatcher lets you quickly and easily remove small flaws and unwanted content (watermarks, people, text, power lines as well as other unwanted objects) from your photos. PhotoPatcher features:

  • Removes small flaws & unwanted content from your photo;
  • Easy to use and provides full control of removal process;
  • Does not cause any distortions of original image: there is no stretching or cropping, original proportions of all image parts remain unchanged;
  • Pictures Hub integration;
  • Available in English, German, French and Russian languages.

With PhotoPatcher you can do impressive things with your photos by completely removing unwanted fragments and making natural-looking resulting images. There is no demo video for Windows Phone version yet, so I bring to your attention this PhotoPatcher demo video on Nokia N8 device:

PhotoPatcher comes with a free trial and is available for purchase at Windows Phone Marketplace.

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