Photo App Loses Flickr & Facebook Integration In Windows 8.1

Microsoft has removed the Facebook and Flickr integration from the Photo app in Windows 8.1 along with support for photos on network storage.  One of the key features in Windows Phone has been the tight social integration with the ability to pull photos from many services within the photo app. It seems Microsoft is moving in the other direction with Windows 8.1.

A spokesperson for Microsoft, speaking in the Microsoft community forums said:

In Windows 8, we wanted to provide a way for folks to view their photos on other services knowing there would be few (if any) apps in the store at launch that would do so.  Now there are many apps in the store that offer ways to view photos on other services and soon there will even be a Facebook app from Facebook.  We’re confident Facebook will offer great ways to view and engage socially with photos on Facebook.  We welcome Flickr to do the same.  In addition, the People app still offers the ability to socially engage with your friends and even your own photos.

The Flickr and Facebook app will be coming to be Windows Store by the official release of Windows 8.1.  It’s possible Microsoft had to make a compromise with the photo app to ensure more apps would come to Windows 8.1.  It is possible support for network storage photos will come back with the final release of Windows 8.1.  The comments over at the Microsoft community forums are understandably negative and angry with most users seeing this as a step backwards.

Source: Microsoft Community via: The Verge