Phonly, A Beautiful, Yet Functional Feedly Client Coming To Windows Phone 8 Devices



Phonly Windows Phone

After Google Reader was discontinued, a bunch of alternatives appeared on the web. Among all those, Feedly emerged as an viable alternative to most of us. Since there is no official Feedly app, we have to rely on 3rd party alternatives. Phonly is one such 3rd party Feedly client that is coming to Windows Phone Store soon.

I tried the beta version of the app and my experience was mostly positive. Once I signed into my Feedly account, the app populated itself with my feed content in a beautiful way. The performance was smooth and it worked without any issues when I tried it.

Beta App Features:

• Featured articles view
• All articles view
• Categories view
• Save for later
• Mark as read
• Browse articles by feed or category
• Lock screen support
• Standard Tile and Wide live tile support
• InstaPaper support

I heard the beta list got full due to huge interest. You can find more details about it here and expect the app appear in Windows Phone Store in coming weeks.

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