Phones 4 U Reviews the Samsung Omnia M (video)

by Surur
July 16, 2012

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It seems pretty certain that the Samsung Omnia M is coming to UK, with first Dialaphone and now Phones4U reviewing this Windows Phone Tango handset.

They write:

This modest Windows Phone Tango-fuelled handset has many hidden charms to entice newbies onto the WP bandwagon. Brimming with features, it’s easy as pie to find your way around the platform and net surfers will be pleased to hear Windows’ internet explorer is on top form, with seamless, tabbed browsing. For a mid-range mobile phone it’s pretty nifty and has something for everyone – gamers can go crazy with Xbox Live integration and the likes of Facebook Chat and the top notch People Hub function will please social networking fans no end. Out of the box this phone didn’t rock our world but we got to grips with the Omnia M to discover some very pleasing features.

It is particularly heartening to hear Windows Phone described as a “solid and reliable platform” indicating at least that the smartphone is shaking off its Windows Mobile association.

The Samsung Omnia M should be hitting UK stores soon.

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