PhoneArena reviews the Nokia Lumia 920 against the Samsung Galaxy S 3

PhoneArena have posted a detailed comparison of the Nokia Lumia 920 vs the Samsung Galaxy S 3, looking at numerous features such as interface, functionality, camera, multimedia, call quality and battery life.

After they concluded:

This might have sounded pretty strange just a year ago, but the Windows Phone 8-powered Nokia Lumia 920 is the better phone in many respects than the five months older Galaxy S III. It has the better screen, better camera, better call quality and better sound recording and playback. It also offers free offline voice-guided navigation, to solidify its uniqueness before Samsung’s handset.

Still, throwing every edgy piece of technology Nokia could muster for its first true Windows Phone flagship took its toll on the chassis girth and heft, making it feel like a tank next to the slim and light Galaxy S III. Thankfully, that also affected its stellar drop durability in the positive sense, yet its body, while ergonomic to handle, seems unsightly compared to thin handsets like the S III.

Furthermore, when it comes to the operating system, Windows Phone, which on the surface is fresh and easy to grasp, feels much more restricted than the freewheeling Android with all its widgets and customizations, plus the superior multitasking and natural voice commands. The app situation is also widely in favor of Android, and thankfully Nokia throws in some fine exclusive apps like Drive and Mix Radio to soothe the pain somewhat.

Compared feature by feature the Galaxy S III doesn’t offer many advantages before the burly, but capable Lumia 920, yet its hardware and software combo is more aligned with the smartphone trends of late, so it feels more familiar. That familiarity is exactly what Nokia has tried to escape from with the unique features of the Lumia 920, sacrificing on the compact factor in the process.

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