PhoneArena reviews the HTC Touch HD


13, 2008

Author Surur // in News

We will soon have enough HTC Touch HD reviews to do another meta-review, but for now lets take it one at a time.

PhoneArena has given the HTC Touch HD a good going over, and while their review does come across as a bit nitpicky at times, they do raise one particular concern that I have seen repeated elsewhere:

While it seems the HTC Touch HD is being sold as a multi-media device the smartphone does not have the native codec support for most people’s video libraries and the built-in media players do not make use of the hardware graphics acceleration, meaning video over 640 pixels wide do not play very well at all. This suitability-for-purpose issue really needs to be addressed by HTC, hopefully in an update to their media player.

In the end PhoneArena still have the device a good 8.5/10 (better than the iPhone 3G in fact).

Read the full review here.

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