PhoneArena reviews the Dell Venue Pro

Phone Arena have published their full detailed review of the Dell Venue Pro.  Calling the industrial design “alluring”  they note the device “radiates a sense of craftsmanship, they also found the device, like all Windows phone 7 handsets, responsive with “no evidence of lag or slowdown”.

All was however not sunshine and roses however, with the camera in particular disappointing, with average looking, under-exposed shots, and poor fuzzy 720p video capture, with the device strangely lacking continuous auto-focus, a feature on all the other Windows Phone 7 handsets.

Moving on however the speakers were impressively loud, and the device managed 1280×720 DivX video playback easily.

They concluded:

First and foremost, the Dell Venue Pro is one of the most beautifully designed smartphones in recent memory as its unique looking industrial design radiates a sense of polish at every angle. However, its overall performance is mediocre at best in specific categories like battery life, camera quality, and calling quality – and not to mention the gleaming issue we witnessed with signal bars dramatically dropping. Regardless, the Windows Phone 7 experience is no different from everything else out there on the market. And when it’s priced at $99 for the 8GB version ($150 for the 16GB one), it’s more than a steal when you factor in its impressive set of features. So, if you’ve bypassed all other Windows Phone 7 devices to date, you’ll surely come to appreciate what the Dell Venue Pro has to offer.

The device scored a solid 8.5 out of a possible 10 points.

Read their full review here.