Phone Social + will read your twitter time line for you, so you wont have to

Blogging in the second decade of the 21st century means keeping a close eye on twitter, but that can get a bit tedious, not to mention distracting.

Phone Social+ is the coolest solution to this problem ever, with the ability to actually read out your whole twitter time line, in a not unpleasant female robotic voice which seamlessly handles tweets in different languages. The above video, which bizarrely does not do demonstrate this, does not do the app justice.

Unfortunately at the moment only the free “lite” version is available which will only read a maximum of 50 tweets in your time line per day, but a full version is coming with even more features, including

  • Integration with other social networks, like facebook, linkedin, etc
  • More twitter sources, like favorites, etc.
  • Voice-to-tweet
  • Audio response
  • Embeded browsing
  • Image viewer

My main suggestion to developers is to let the app auto-update the timeline every 5 minutes and then read the latest tweets, making it the perfect companion for a long day of blogging.

The Lite version can be downloaded from Marketplace here.