Phil Spencer would love to see MechAssault return to Xbox


2, 2020

Xbox boss Phil Spencer would love to see the cult-classic MechAssault series return to Xbox consoles in the future. 

Revealed alongside the refusal of a Scalebound revival on an IGN podcast, Spencer revealed that the Original Xbox series MechAssault is one of his most wanted franchise returns.

MechAssault 2 Lone Wolf - Trailer TGS 2004 - Xbox

[shunno-quote]”From a rights standpoint, is a little bit messy”[/shunno-quote]

“Mech. That’s easy,” Spencer said when asked about what franchises he’d like to bring back.

“From a rights standpoint, is a little bit messy since there are some other people working on games. But when I think about MechAssault, and the IP that Jordan [Weisman] created with FASA like Crimson [Skies], Shadowrun, Mech, and many more, it just has really deep and really rich stories and characters to go play in. I think it would be really cool, at some point, if we could do something with Mech.”

Hopefully, the next generation will see at least a few classic Xbox franchises revived for Xbox Series X. A return to Phantom Dust, a reimagined Crimson Skies, even a new Perfect Dark. It’s time Xbox stopped forgetting about why we love their system.

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