Phil Spencer says the best versions of third-party games are already showing up on Project Scorpio

Phil Spencer is in Europe touring Mojang and Rare but that didn’t stop him from giving some interviews along the way. He sat down with Xbox On and Microsoft’s News Center to discuss first-party games and Project Scorpio. In the hilarious and insightful interview, Spencer told Xbox On’s Benny that even this early on in development, the “best console versions of third-party games are showing up” on Project Scorpio. He added that the device “will be the best console to play these games on”. Project Scorpio has to prove that it offers the best visuals when compared to PlayStation 4 Pro and from Spencer’s comments it seems like the gameplay is on the right track. When showcasing Project Scorpio titles, Microsoft has to show a clear leap above what the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro can do. There’s no room for error here given the lukewarm sales of Sony’s mid-generation hardware refresh.

Despite Spencer’s confident tone on Project Scorpio, he acknowledged that great games are what make a system. Speaking with Microsoft’s News Center on the topic, he said that the company’s first-party studios are starting to take more risks and embrace innovation, but need to go further to match the breakthroughs seen in other areas of the company. Hopefully this means that we’ll see mature games along the lines of The Last of Us on Xbox One and Project Scorpio at E3 2017. Spencer confirmed that Microsoft would be investing more in first-party games in the future. We only have a few more weeks until we find out! This is definitely doing to be a truly exciting E3 conference for Xbox fans and owners. Microsoft not only needs to showcase mind-blowing Project Scorpio visuals, but present gamers with moving stories which surpass the competition. Here’s hoping they succeed in both aspects. Only time will tell.

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