Phatware not supporting Windows Phone 7

nophatwpadforwindowsphone7Much has been written on this website and others on the increasing roster of developers brining their wares to Windows Phone 7.

Much less has been written about developers who have decided not to, often largely due to lack of confidence in the platform or concerns about the ability to recoup their investment or even simply the opportunity costs of developing for the small Windows Phone 7 market when there are 100 million IOS devices and millions of Android smartphones out there.

One such hold-out is Phatware, an old Windows Mobile stalwart and Microsoft Certified Gold developer, who produces a piece of software I rely on every day, Phatnotes.

When asked if they will be bringing their software to Windows phone 7 they replied:

Dear Surur,

Thank you so much for your patronage, and for your interest in Phatware products!

Our plans are not quite finalized at the moment, but I don’t think Phatware is going to support our traditional products on Windows 7.

Judging by the customer feedback, there is not much interest in Pocket PC / Windows Mobile products at the moment. We feel that we need to focus on Apple, and especially on Android platforms, that are growing rapidly and increasing their market share, at expense of Windows.

I am sorry to disappoint you!

Best regards,

info AT

Are there any other key applications our readers are concerned will not make the jump to Windows phone 7? Let us know below.