PGA Tour is embracing Windows 10 and HoloLens

At WPC 2016 Day 2 keynote, PGA TOUR CIO Steve Evans and Vice President of Digital Operations, Scott Gutterman came to stage to show how the PGA Tour is embracing Windows 10 and Microsoft HoloLens. PGA TOUR has already deployed Windows 10 to over 60% of their devices, with a goal of 100% by the end of this summer. Also, they have built custom apps on the Universal Windows Platform to enable volunteers to track scoring and statistical information for every shot on every hole, and for fans to use the Windows 10 Tournament Companion app to track tournament data in real-time to get deeper insights. PGA TOUR also worked with Taqtile and built a solution on Microsoft HoloLens for golf pros, enthusiasts and fans.

“Microsoft HoloLens is an amazing tool for golf course design and for planning major events on each course. It is an incredible opportunity for players and caddies to plan their attack on a course, visually identifying the best tee-off locations and hazards and reviewing how they played each hole after the round is complete. Finally, a shared HoloLens experience provides valuable coaching for a class of golfers to learn how to approach different courses and scenarios,” — PGA TOUR Senior Vice President and CIO Steve Evans

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See the future of golf analytics with the mixed reality app the PGA developed with Taqtile, a Microsoft HoloLens development partner.

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