Petition Sprint AND Verizon to bring new Windows Phones!


Sprint users have created an online petition that implores America’s third largest wireless carrier to release some new Windows Phones to join the ranks of the first-gen HTC Arrive.

This comes after a recent interview in which several higher-ups at Sprint blamed Microsoft for not doing enough to build enthusiasm for Windows Phones, further citing high return rates due to poor user experience. In fact, however, Sprint’s only Windows Phone device thus far, the HTC Arrive, is rated very well in its online shop, beating several other popular smartphones.

Moreover, we’d suggest that, with the Arrive being its only Windows Phone and not a particularly outstanding one at that, lackluster sales are well to be expected. This thought is echoed in the petition, with the focus being laid on “more choice”:

As customers we are asking for a choice in what devices we buy and not be forced to choose from a single phone for this platform. Every other OS on Sprint has more than one device to choose from, even Brew MP.

Definitely true words, so if you do not want to wait till Apollo for Sprint to get some new Windows Phones, check out the petition and sign it. It’s currently standing at over 1,300 signatures, with almost 700 to go before reaching its goal of 2,000.

Update: There’s a similar petition for Verizon users going on.

The Verizon petition states:

We need to convince Verizon Wireless that there is a strong demand to diversify its smartphone lineup by adding the upcoming Windows Phone 7 phones (HTC Titan I or II, Nokia Lumia 800 or 900, etc.) VZW should not limit its users to just its “Droid” brand nor the latest trend of Apple products. We, as users of all mobile gadgets, request that the Windows Phone 7 phones are given equal treatment in both support, promotion and competition.

The Verizon Petition, which already has 300 signatures, can be found here.

Source: via WPCentral, Thanks Chris for the tip.

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