Pet Run Endless Runner Game Now Available In Windows Phone Store


21, 2014


Pet Run is a fast-paced endless runner with intuitive controls and randomized gameplay. Swipe left/right to rotate the platform when above light blocks and swipe up/down to jump or roll. Your reflexes will be tested, that’s for sure!

Game features:

  • Challenging, randomized gameplay
  • Beautiful 3D graphics in 60 FPS
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Collectibles and power-ups
  • 4 unique pets and 7 different themes
  • Day-night cycle and dynamic weather system
  • Leaderboards (local and online) and achievements
  • Earn awards and upgrade your powers




You will never play the same level thanks to the fully randomized gameplay. Collect as many items as you can on each level to maximize your score but watch out for bombs and obstacles. You can collect 4 different power-ups that help you earn more score and stay alive longer. The main rule is simple: Run as far as you can!

All pets have a unique ability, so you can choose the one that best fits your play style. Pet Run features full day-night cycle, dynamic weather system and the 7 different level themes grant you stunning visual experiences in smooth 60 FPS.

Do you like competition? Race against other players from all around the globe. Reach the highest score and rule the leaderboard! Don’t forget to check out the Awards to earn rewards and boost your performance.

The game is a Universal app, which means you can play it on your phone and PC. Download it from the Windows and Windows Phone Store for free!

See the trailer below.

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