Personal Sleep monitor/alarm now ready for you

image Sleep is one of the most vital part of our day, it determines how we will act the whole day from angry from lack of sleep to energetic from a great nights rest, well this new application is here to assist. The application which has been done before by a major company for a high price has been recreated by an XDA member for no cost.

The application is a very simple application that does several things to determine your sleep patterns and rearrange when your alarm will ring to better your awakening. The application is still in beta and some people are already saying it works and is very simple.

The developer had this to say about it:

This is a beta application which monitors your sleep cycle, and sets a gently increasing alarm to go off at up to 30 minutes before your set alarm time (during your lightest sleep phase so that it’s easier to wake up fresh). If you are interested in testing it, please download and install the CAB here

Method of calculating lightest sleep phase: alarm can go off up to 30 minutes earlier than the set alarm time if you become more alert than you were at the lightest phase of the previous sleep cycle. If alarm does not go off early, as a failsafe it will always go off at the set time. The alarm does not affect any other alarms you may have set, so I would recommend setting some other alarm too as a failsafe.

If a better nights rest is what you have been searching for… then this application could be worth a try.

Give it that try:XDA