Perfect Tube updated with new PG settings


Perfect Tube is one of the many apps from the prolific Windows Phone app developer, Perfect Thumb. As the name implies, it’s a YouTube app built with support for Windows 10 (and backwards compatibility with 8.1).

It has just recently been updated on all supported platforms and here’s what’s new

Here’s what’s new:

+ Prevent users from PG-rated content unless users login
+ Add Norwegian, Romania, Italian, Croatian, Spanish and Belarussian
+ Swipe the right edge to search video on mobile app
+ “Esc” to get out of full screen and “spacebar” to pause on desktop app

With the competition heating up around Windows Phone YouTube apps, what do you think of Perfect Tube in comparison to other Windows Phone YouTube clients. It is definitely not the very best, but does it take the number 2 spot in your books? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for the tip Nafi!