The rumours that Xbox’s fledgeling studio The Initiative are working on a new game in the Perfect Dark series are still just rumours, but there’s a little bit more fuel to the fire today! 

Games journalist Jeff Grubb, who has previously revealed numerous pieces of insider Xbox information such as the date for the Xbox Games Showcase, sneakily claimed that a new Perfect Dark game was in the works in the comments of the Kinda Funny Gameshow.

Taking to Twitter after a clip of the podcast was shared, Grubb revealed that the game might not follow the franchises’ previously created narrative but could be set in the same universe as the beloved spy franchise.

“It might not be exactly Perfect Dark, but it’s playing in that universe,” Grubb said on Twitter.

Xbox’s The Initiative has been extremely secretive of their maiden project under the Xbox Games Studios family, but they have been very vocal about the extreme number of talented developers they’ve brought on board.

Just yesterday it was revealed that the director of Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Marvel’s Avengers was joining the team alongside the narrative lead for Destiny 2.