People Hub Live Tile gets updated look in latest build of Windows 10 Mobile, but Gabe says release delayed



people hub change

I think its fair to say the new circles UI in the Windows 10 Mobile people hub has not been met with the best reception, which has resulted in Microsoft constantly tweaking the look of the feature.

The latest change sees the size of the circles increase significantly, and the circles now appearing in both dark and light shades.

The change was first noticed by who of course always have the hands on the latest build of Windows 10 Mobile before anyone else, but can also be seen in this screen shot of the Lumia 950 from the Carphone Warehouse demo of Continuum.


The build of Windows 10 Mobile currently on the Lumia 950 is 10546. According to Gabe Aul Microsoft currently has a new Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview ready to push out, but are preoccupied with a bug in the desktop version of the OS.

What do our readers think of this latest tweak? Let u know below.

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