Penny Arcade’s Gabe reviews Windows Phone 7, comes away impressed

gabe_wallWe posted earlier that Penny Arcade’s Gabe was using a Windows Phone 7 handset.  It turns out he has been trialling a Samsung Focus, and has written about his experience with the handset and OS today.

From an iPhone user’s perspective, he found the phone calling, text and email messaging and navigation very good, and was especially impressed by the real camera button.  He did however miss the depth and breadth of the iPhone app store, both in terms of games and apps, but in general this was more theoretical than an actual deficit – he still had all the big names he needed.

He did not find web browsing too satisfying, complaining of the lower screen resolution than the iPhone 4. 

In general however he was most bowled over by the style and presentation of the user interface, saying:

…but first I want to say that the user experience is really the distinguishing factor in my opinion. I know how ridiculous it sounds to say that I switched to a Microsoft device because I prefer the UI design and the way it “feels” to use the device but it’s true. I’m not sure when MS became the scrappy underdog hungry to shake things up with a radical new idea but here it is. I really love the design elements and how consistent they are throughout the entire experience. I realize that probably isn’t enough for most people to change phones but as someone who loves design and "new art" it was enough for me.

I think Gabe may be wrong there – UI design and feel of the handset was why everyone jumped on the iPhone so many years ago, especially when it lacked so many features then.  it is clearly a major selling point, and one Microsoft needs to continue to push strongly.

Read Gabe’s full article at penny-arcade here.

Thanks Matt B for the tip.

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