Pedometer Master v4.0.1 (RunMaster Pedometer) released

RunMaster Pedometer

The beloved to plenty of users’ pedometer application ‘Pedometer Master’ (in the near future ‘RunMaster Pedometer’) has successfully reached version 4. After more than 20 version updates it still continues to thrive its users by adding new amazing features every time.

The current version adds full compatibility with the Windows Phone 8.1 O/S and contains a long awaited functionality by many users of the application. Which? Of course, the ability to work as a standalone pedometer even for indoor use. Now the application offers three different modes of operation:

  • Outdoor operation
    This is the mode that was being used by the application until now. The app operates as a GPS device and calculates the number of steps completed by measuring the total distance walked by the user.
  • Indoor operation
    This is the mode that converts the application and makes it act as a real pedometer device. In that mode, the user can continuously carry the phone and count the number of steps s/he has taken. That mode is important in the fact that the user can use the application even indoor (eg. inside a shopping center). Keep in mind that the application does not make use of any advanced hardware apart from the accelerometer sensor of the device in that mode. For this reason, all Windows Phone devices can run this mode since the app does not require a SensorCore enabled device.
  • Hybrid operation
    In this mode, the application can automatically switch to either outdoor or indoor tracking. This way, the user will not miss any distance covered by him/her while indoor but also when s/he walks or runs outside, the application is able to track and display the users location at the same time.

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