PC sensation Cities: Skylines is coming to Xbox One on April 21

Cities: Skylines is an amazing city-creation experience along the lines of Sim City and other building games. The title garnered tremendous critical acclaim on PC when it released a few years ago and since then has received many updates to make it into an even better game. Beforehand, console gamers were out of luck when it came to playing this title but then the developers announced the Xbox One version. We’ve all been patiently waiting for this game since then and today we got a release date. Cities: Skylines is coming to Xbox One on April 21!

Cities: Skylines is a successor to the original developer’s Cities in Motion games which revolve around transportation systems. Think of them as Industry Giant but they focus on everything related to vehicles. The story gets interesting from there though. The developers felt they had the technical prowess to make a full city simulation game but their publisher, Paradox Interactive, held off on the idea because of SimCity. SimCity 2013 was coming out around that time and the publisher felt it would crush a game like Cities: Skylines. Luckily for them, the reboot of SimCity was a critical failure and generated a lot of resentment towards the franchise due to its always-online requirements and other poor systems.

Taking advantage of EA’s misstep, Paradox Interactive signed off on the project and in 2015 it was welcomed to open arms. People thought this was a return to form for city-building games after the SimCity debacle. Due to the continued popularity of the game, the publisher decided to bring it to Xbox One. Hopefully the Xbox One port will be amazing just like the original experience.

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