Pathlight – The Bible that keeps you focused


12, 2013

Pathlight is the Bible that keeps you laser-focused during a sermon.

Have you ever listened to a sermon but been unable to keep up with what’s being taught? It’s because other Bible apps take too long to find the verses the speaker is referring to. “Go here… keep your place and go there… let’s go here…now go back” Confusing right? This is where Pathlight comes in.


No longer will you have to scroll through a sea of bookmarks to find your place. Using Path’s, Pathlight lets you view and edit only the bookmarks that you are working on right now. And it’s always just a flick away. When the speaker says, “Let’s go back to our text”, flick once and your there.

Take notes on individual verses in your Paths.

Share Paths and notes as well as verses

Pin Paths to the start screen if there are topics that you like to get to quickly throughout the day.


Pathlight makes it easy to search the whole Bible to find exactly what you are looking for, fast.

Look up God and Love in the Bible. Pathlight will give you a list of every book that contains your search along with how many times it’s mentioned.

Pin the search page to your start screen for quick access.

Pathlight is offline.

Live Tiles

OS: Windows Phone 8

Translation: King James

Free Trial: Last 7 days, only features missing is pinning Paths and the search page.

Price: $1.99

Download here or scan the QRCode.

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