Path CEO bullish on Windows Phone, app coming to Windows Phone 8

Dave Morin, Path’s chief executive officer Speaking to Bloomberg, Dave Morin, Path’s chief executive officer said the company is “likely to release an app next year for Microsoft phones, which run a newly revamped version of the company’s flagship mobile operating system.” That’s of course a code-name for Windows Phone 8.

“I’m bullish on Windows Phone,” Morin said in an interview with reporters at a Bloomberg Newsmaker event in San Francisco. Microsoft CEO Steve “Ballmer and those guys deserve huge credit.”

Morin joins a list of high profile Windows Phone fans, including Apple’s Steve Wozniak.

“Lumia is probably the best-designed phone, besides the iPhone,” Morin said.

Morin said he expected Windows Phone to take market share from Google’s Android. Microsoft is poised to benefit from its partnership with Nokia, maker of the recently released Lumia, he said.

Path is a unique mobile-only social network which lets users post messages and photos to a tightly knit group of no more than 150 people.  The network has around 3 million users at present, and despite its small size is very influential.