Password Jinni Gets Prettier

Did you have a chance to look at Password Jinni before? Are you among all of those users, who have already recognized Password Jinni as the snappier and most responsive app of its kind on the marketplace? Well, take a second look again, because the latest update stretched the boundaries even further. Ah, you haven’t heard yet – Password Jinni is easy to use but flexible and advanced private data manager.

Do you like Password Jinni’s new white dress? But… you don’t want to change the whole phone theme. Nor a problem anymore: select one of the new theme settings: auto, inverted, light and dark. Now enjoy the light tones independently from the device theme settings.

This is not the whole story. In the latest update you will find a new and cool feature. Now you will be able to save and view a long and multi-line text for every text or address field in a record. With just a single tap you access the extra lines in the address fields. Neat, huh?

No doubt we hate bugs (just like you). That’s why version 1.4 mercilessly kills some of them. You will not be irritated by error messages while unmasking fields and showing popups anymore. If you are very persistent and still manage to find some new ones – do not hesitate to send them directly to the developers. They will moan about the extra work, but you will be glad to find out how supportive they actually are. That’s important, isn’t it?

We will not bore you again with a long bullet-list of features, but if you still interested to find out more, go to Marketplace and give Password Jinni a look. If you really go that far, well probably you are brave enough to give the app a try. You will enjoy 30-day free trial without functional limitation (except backup). Bet you cannot discover a more flexible and enjoyable data manager app on any platform, nor only WP7.