Parrot now hiring a Project Manager for its upcoming Windows 10 app

Parrot, the popular drone maker is planning to make a new Universal Windows App for its customers using Windows 10. The company is looking to hire a Project Manager in France to develop its FreeFlight app for Windows 10 which will work on desktop computers, tablets, as well movbile devices. The job listing states (translated):

The drone market is developing on many fronts and Parrot launch each year a new product line of drones to satisfy the needs and the expectations of our consumers.
At the same time, the Windows platform is going more popular with the Windows 10 Launch, and Drone users are waiting the launch/compatibility of the FreeFlight app for this OS.

The goal of this job is to manage the FreeFlight app development for Windows while following the feature roadmap of Parrot’s drones. The goal is to externalize those developments on the Windows Phone and Tablet OS for the minidrones and for the Bebop 1&2 drones.

It seems like the company hasn’t started developing the app just yet, and it may take a while until we see the official release of the app. Nonetheless, it’s quite exciting to see new companies bringing their apps to the Windows Store.

Thanks NotCassim for the tip, and Gustave M. for the translation!