Panos Panay: Surface Book pre-orders have been huge


26, 2015


When Microsoft introduced the Surface Book earlier this month, the company wowed everyone. The device has been up for pre-orders for a little while now, and surprisingly enough, the device’s stock ran out a couple of times. Today, Panos Panay, the Corporate Vice President at Microsoft stated that the Surface Book’s pre-orders have been huge so far.

[shunno-quote]”Pre-orders have been huge”[/shunno-quote]

In an interview with Wired’s David Pierce, Panos also talked about the Surface…Mini. According to Panos, the Surface Mini “was like a Moleskine.” For those who aren’t aware of the Surface Mini, it’s a small tablet which Microsoft built, and killed it, too.

[shunno-quote]Surface Mini was “awesome”[/shunno-quote]

It will be interesting to see if the new Surface Book increases the company’s Surface business’ revenue. Until then, tell us if you are picking up a Surface Book sometime soon in the comment section below.

You can order Surface Book from the below link,

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