Panoramic UI coming to Windows Mobile apps

Jose Salazar writes:

You have probably already seen a bunch of really cool applications demoed as part of the Windows Phone 7 momentum following a chrome-less and fluent approach getting a very rich user experience browsing information that Microsoft has called “Panorama Applications”. In the “UI Design and Interaction Guide for Windows Phone 7 Series” document, panoramic applications are described as applications that “offers a unique way to view controls, data, and services by using a long horizontal canvas that extends beyond the confines of the screen. These inherently dynamic application use layered animations and content so that layers smoothly pan at different speeds, similar to parallax effects”.

I really like the way the information flows along a panorama application. That’s a great approach for browsing data in a mobile application, and it’s perfectly suitable in many use cases.

If this is such a great approach, why aren’t we already developing Panorama Application for Windows Mobile?

Jose went on to develop a series of custom controls which brings the Panoramic UI concept to a demo Windows Mobile app, in this case one that deals with World Cup 2010 fixtures and stats, which he promises will be available to download before the actual tournament starts.

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