Pandora SDK For Windows Phones Is Now Available For Download

First of all, this is not an official SDK. Justin Angel, a well known Silverlight and Windows Phone developer among the community created this first 3rd party SDK for Pandora. This SDK currently features the following,

  • Login
    • Login using a
    • Anonymous login
  • Radio Stations
    • Retrieving a List of stations for a user
    • Deleting a station
    • Renaming a station
    • Creating new stations based on Artist or Song Search
  • Songs
    • Getting an MP3 Playlist for a Radio Station
    • Rating a song as “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down”
    • Banning songs
    • Sharing songs via email
  • Miscellaneous
    • Syncing server-time with the server
    • Checking for Geo-fencing
This SDK is not just for Windows Phones, it will work on Windows 8 too. So any developers looking forward to develop a pandora app for Windows Phone can download the SDK here.
Good Job, Justin.