Palm withering

palmdying It is often suggested that a beleaguered Microsoft should buy a newly re-invigorated Palm and dump Windows Mobile.  There are many reasons why this does not make sense, not the least being that buying a failing OS from a failing company will do little to help Microsoft’s efforts.

The Washington Post’s Big Money blog is the latest to report on the company’s troubles. Calling the company a one-trick pony that is “quickly dying” and was “beset by so many errors and miscalculations that it is a wonder it has managed to survive even as long as it did”, they note that according to Changewave the company had 33% of the US smartphone market only 3 years ago, and is now scraping the bottom at 7%.

To ad insult to injury Gartner predicts the company will hold only 1.4 percent share of world smartphone sales in another 3 years time.

They note the Palm lacks an ecosystem, and their aborted attempts to piggyback on the iTunes ecosystem ended up just embarrassing the company. The company’s attempts to attract developers has also not gone very well, with Palm recently forced to throw open doors to hackers and abandon attempts to control their marketplace.

Despite these setbacks Palm has never been shy to talk the talk, with Roger McNamee’s promise that iPhone users would convert en masse to the Palm Pre proving so spectacularly wrong Palm had to file a 10-point “clarification” with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and with their claim that the Pre being even more anticipated than the iPhone in the UK falling resoundingly flat on its face with the smartphone being outsold 20:1 on O2.

So while Windows Mobile users worry about losing marketshare and years in the wilderness, spare a thought for Palm, dying once again.

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