Palm webOS booster Rahul Sood joins Microsoft, loves his HTC HD7

500-soodSome interesting news yesterday was HP’s chief technology officer of Global Gaming and great advocate of the Palm Pre and webOS at HP Rahul Sood has joined Microsoft as the rather vaguely titled “General Manager for System Experience in the Interactive Entertainment Business”.

He is likely better known as the founder of VoodooPC, maker of luxury gaming desktops which was established in 1991 and acquired by HP in 2006. 

The Interactive Entertainment Business is currently headed by president Don Mattrick, and covers development and marketing of Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE, the controller-free Kinect for Xbox 360, Zune Music and Video, and Mediaroom, as well as PC and mobile interactive entertainment.

With Rahul’s background in hardware and gaming, and passion for mobile, one can quite reasonably speculate his acquisition has something to do with Microsoft’s mobile or tablet efforts. 

He himself notes in a September blog post that “I got the feeling that my emphasis on gaming might have been misunderstood. While I believe gaming drives innovation, what I really love is creating amazing experiences that customers gush over.” Sounds like exactly the kind of inspiration Microsoft is looking for, and which many feel they lost with the departure of Peter Moore, previously vice president of the Entertainment and Devices Division.

Rahul has a reputation for being pretty outspoken, and has already expressed his love of his HTC HD7 on twitter, even even before it became clear he was moving to Microsoft. He tweeted these tweets below for example:

@techjunky79 i still have my pre homebrewed yep (both pre’s) — i am using an HD7. it’s pretty sick, i’ve compared it with the focus too

..but if you aren’t impressed with windows mobile 7, you got your head in the sand. Like I said before, there are no windows of opportunity

windows phone 7 is the most entertaining mobile OS i’ve used to date. entertaining because it’s animated, fun, beautiful.

@AboutwebOS i switched to an HD7 because i wanted a great family plan. TMobile has the best rates/plans — in Seattle it’s fast too.

RT @johnsies: @rahulsood How many phone do you have? // too many.

RT @AboutwebOS: @rahulsood Which do you find yourself using the most? // B&O Serene & HD7.

I expect whatever project Rahul ends up working on, we will likely hear a lot more about that we have become used to so far from the Interactive Entertainment Business.

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