Palm says goodbye to Treo Pro, does not want to drag it down with the company

PalmInfocenter has noticed Palm’s last Windows Mobile device, the Palm Treo Pro, recently made a rapid disappearance from Palm’s website and from their online store.

The only mention of the device is on a still-active product page for the CDMA Treo Pro in Alltel and Sprint.  The handset can also still be bought unlocked in its GSM version from Dell for $179.99 as well as from Amazon.

Palm, who has turned to Windows Mobile in an attempt to save the company in 2005, has recently seen its share price drop a third from a one year high of $18.09 to a low of 11.98 today (and as low as $10 on New Years Eve) after it abandoned its Windows Mobile-based business market in a quixotic attempt to unseat the iPhone consumer king and losing money for 9 straight quarters. With increasing loss of interest in USA and overseas sales below expectation, it is expected by many not to survive the current smartphone wars.